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Nonprofit / For-Profit

Audited entities are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of electronic audit reports filed with the Auditor General. Audited entities and their auditors are responsible for answering any inquiries regarding the content of such reports. Any questions regarding the ability to view or print a nonprofit / for-profit organization audit report on the Auditor General’s Web site may be communicated to the Auditor General via e-mail at flaudgen_localgovt@aud.state.fl.us; by telephone at (850) 412-2881; or by mail to Auditor General, Local Government Section, 111 West Madison Street, Claude Pepper Building, Section 342, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1450. The Auditor General is not responsible for any illegal or otherwise improper use of electronic audit reports posted to the Auditor General’s Web site.
The following is an index of the nonprofit / for-profit organizations that have submitted financial audit reports to the Auditor General pursuant to:

Florida Single Audit Act

Section 215.97(8)(g), Florida Statutes - Florida Single Audit Act

Direct-Support Organizations and Citizen-Support Organizations

Section 215.981(1), Florida Statutes - State Agencies

Section 1001.453(4), Florida Statutes - District School Boards

Section 1004.28(5), Florida Statutes - Universities

Section 1004.70(6), Florida Statutes - Colleges

Other Specified Organizations

Section 288.906(1)(h), Florida Statutes - Enterprise Florida Inc

Section 288.1226(7), Florida Statutes - Florida Tourism Industry Marketing Corporation

Section 1002.395(6)(m), Florida Statutes - Scholarship Funding Organizations

Section 288.955(14)(g), Florida Statutes - Scripps Florida Funding Corporation