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Report Number: 2009-071
Report Title: St. Johns River Community College – Operational Audit
Report Period: FYE 06/30/2008
Release Date: 12/19/2008

Our operational audit for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2008, disclosed the following:

Finding No. 1:         Contrary to Section 112.313(3), Florida Statutes, the College purchased goods from a business owned by a relative of a Board of Trustee member. 

Finding No. 2:        The College did not always procure goods or services using a competitive process.

Finding No. 3:        The College does not have a written fraud policy for communicating and reporting known or suspected fraud.

Finding No. 4:        The College did not conduct a review and evaluation of its collection of social security numbers or notify individuals of the purpose for collection of the numbers, contrary to Section 119.071(5)(a), Florida Statutes. 

Management’s response is included as Exhibit B.