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Reports Submitted to the Auditor General


State law does not provide exceptions for filing audit reports in accordance with Section 218.39(7), Florida Statutes. Therefore, please include an explanation with any late-filed audit report.

State law requires various entities, including counties, school districts, charter schools, charter technical career centers, the Florida Virtual School, certain municipalities, certain special districts, and certain nonprofit and for-profit organizations to submit financial audit reports to the Auditor General. The audited entities are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the electronic audit reports submitted to the Auditor General and the audited entities and their auditors are responsible for answering any inquiries regarding the content of such reports.

Any questions regarding the ability to view or print an electronic audit report on the Auditor General’s Web site may be communicated to the Auditor General by telephone at (850) 412-2881; or by mail to Auditor General, Local Government Section 342, 111 West Madison Street, Claude Pepper Building, Room 401, Tallahassee, FL 32399 1450. To submit questions regarding educational entities, e-mail; for questions regarding all other entities e-mail

The Auditor General is not responsible for any illegal or otherwise improper use of electronic audit reports posted to the Auditor General’s Web site.

Filing Requirements
Local Governments Nonprofits / For-Profits School Districts / Schools
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